Have you earned your chair?

Ever wondered if you are working hard enough? In business I always ask myself have I earned my chair today? When I started working at Data Path my boss (and husband) encouraged me to get a new chair, as the one they provided was old and out dated. I just didn't feel comfortable investing in something I hadn't earned. My answer was "I will buy a new chair when I have earned my chair." Everyone knows that business can take a long time to earn. It takes many emails, phone calls, Zoom meetings, marketing, eCommerce building, flyers, talking and talking about your business hoping someone will trust you enough to take a chance. Building relationships take time.  After spending many hours/ days/ years at Data Path I have earned a new, fairly modest, but comfortable chair. Some days I earn my chair and some days I am defeated. My thought is, never give up. Work hard today and tomorrow to earn business, earn trust and earn your chair! Enjoy your day. -Megan-

The chair pictured was my first chair at Data Path, inc. It's an original HON design. HON was founded in 1944. Although this chair is not that old, I believe this indestructible chair is from the 1970's. Pretty certain it's a keeper!