Data Path Inc.

We are a small family-owned IT solutions, computer hardware, cooperate computing and office supply company. Jim Hureau founded the business in 1989 after working for GE and Decision Data. Scott Hureau joined Data Path Inc not long after it was started. With Scotts vision the company has grown to incorporate custom PC's and other office solutions. With loyal customers and the relationships we cultivate Data Path is dedicated solutions for your business. Continuing our old school style of wining and dining, Data Path Inc. builds long-lasting business relationships. We like to think that your first purchase will lead to becoming a long-time customer and friend.

Why Data Path Inc.?

In 1996 Data Path Inc. created a custom line of PCs, then in 2008 we started offering the full line of Lenovo Think branded products. Today we are a proud Lenovo Gold business partner and are experts in Lenovo Notebooks, Workstations, PCs, and Servers. Not only do we focus on serving the IT needs of manufacturing and logistic sectors, but we also fill several other needs by providing industrial barcode printing, scanning and ruggedized computing including handheld PCs and tablets. And let’s not forget those custom PCs we started with back in 1996.  To date, we have built over 10,000 of them. Competitive Prices. Personalized Service.  Easy Logistics. We promise to source the best products for you and your business so Data Path Inc. can be your one-stop shop. 


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Scott Hureau  Scott Hureau


Part Time employees

Julianne Hureau      Keoni Salvador      Maddie Smith        Dennis Miller

Part Time employees- Data Path Inc has a team of part time employees. Our part time staff helps with everything from shipping, receiving, cleaning, reporting or anything that needs done around the office. Our part time employees help the business be successful and we are grateful for everyone.