Recycle and Destruction for Businesses

data path, inc. is here to make disposal of old equipment easy and safe. We provide thorough documentation and a certificate of destruction. 

We accept and can pickup at local locations.  Whether it's a few boxes of equipment or a few skids we got you covered.

  • Erasing Data

    Just erasing data is not enough. We follow NSA procedures to ensure the hard dives and sensitive materials are fully erased. This DOD certified 3 random pass procedure ensures the information is fully wiped.

  • Physically Destroyed

    Hard drives and sensitive material is physically destroyed. Pieces are separated in component parts, disposed of in multi steps, different days and in secured trash containers.

  • Certificate of Destruction

    You are provided with a certificate of destruction via email or paper copy that details model #, Serial # and date the hard drive or device was destroyed.

  • Recycle

    Once all data has been erased , devices are parted out and dismantled. Materials that make up the equipment are pieced out and recycled as necessary.

Never Throw Your Equipment in The TRASH!

 We can remove and dispose of old equipment in a safe and non hazardous way. Parts are dismantled and materials that make up the equipment are pieced out and recycled as necessary. 

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