When should I add a warranty to a Lenovo product?

When Should I Add a Warranty to My Lenovo Product?

Most Lenovo Laptops, Workstations, and Desktops come with a base warranty. After checking to see what the base warranty is, look to see what other upgrades are available. Decide what is most important to you. Can you live without your device for a week or longer? If you can't I would suggest an upgraded warranty. My favorite is the NBD (Next Business Day) warranty. If this is available it is a great option. With this warranty, a technician will come to you to fix your machine.

Lenovo has many different options depending on the device/ machine you are using. Here are some explanations of the different types of Lenovo warranties available. 


The most basic warranty. Apply a mailing label on your device and send it in for repair. This can take time (a week or more depending on the issue). In most cases, this is the base warranty.


The next step up.  A technician comes to you to fix your laptop on the spot ASAP. This can mean one business day to a week, subject to various circumstances. This is normally available for casual-use laptops like student laptops or home-use laptops.

NBD On-Site (This is my favorite if available for your machine)

This requires filing a case (online or by phone call) with Lenovo and ideally, if all goes well a certified Lenovo technician will be deployed NBD (Next Business Day) with the parts and complete your repair. This happens to be my favorite as I am pretty busy and I do not have time to be without my machine. This is available with 2-year + warranties.

It is rare when Lenovo products have complications, but when it happens you want to be covered. In the end, every device and machine has different warranties available and I am always happy to explore any options you may need.

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