AI Available at Every Scale

AI Available at Every Scale

Before the pandemic I visited one of the largest Lenovo shows. They were introducing AI at many different levels. One AI system featured a futuristic shopping experience. Instead of stopping at the checkout/ cashier after shopping you just walked out. CRAZY! No stealing involved, a card was scanned and all the merchandise was scanned by a computer. This allowed a credit card to be charged without ever having to bag or remove anything. I haven't seen this implemented anywhere outside of the Lenovo show, but it felt like something from the future! AI may feel out of reach for the small business owner, but it isn't.

 AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a huge part of our future. You may feel like joining the data revolution is only for supercomputers, but it's not! Lenovo has developed scalable high-performance computing (HPC) systems ready to cost-effectively deploy at every scale. Coupled with Lenovo's industry-leading technology, they bring expertise that made them the #1 provider of top 500 supercomputers in the world! This puts data informed business decisions within reach at every level. AI is so many things from security, to shopping, statistics, revolutionary medical advances, business projection, protection, facial recognition and so many other areas. AI is not going anywhere, it is just getting bigger. 

In the end learning how AI can help your future business is important. Start thinking about what your future business looks like and whether you are maximizing your computing capabilities. Check out Lenovo and where AI can take your business. Data Path, inc is here to answer your questions.

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