What are we about?

What is Data Path About?

What are we about?

We want to make your computing life easier and give you discounts! Since 1989 Data Path, inc. has been supplying office equipment to SMB (Small and Medium Business) customers. Yes, we started selling AS/400 peripherals (this dates us). Today we tailor our B2B (Business to Business) operations to fit your needs. Data Path, inc. specializes in Lenovo and offers custom-built PCs among other IT solutions for business. We hold inventory for SKUs that are continually ordered to ensure you are never waiting on the product. As our business grows we are branching out to the B2C (Business to Consumer) by adding our website (www.datapathusa.com), Amazon, eBay, Facebook, and Google stores.

As times change we want to be there for our customers, whether it is face-to-face or an internet purchase we are ready to be your solutions for business. I never dreamed we would be living in a pandemic and seeing so many working from home. Anticipating the need for more laptops, monitors and at-home computing needs we have increased our inventory. We are zigging and zagging as we need to make sure we are there for you! Remember Data Path, inc for your computer needs! 

- Megan

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