Who Dey..."We're Here to Make Noise" - Joe Burrow

Who Dey!

"We're Here to Make Noise" - Joe Burrow

Data Path started business in 1989, just after the Bengals went to the Super Bowl. I remember the Ickey Shuffle and when the powerful chant "Who Dey" became popular.  2022 brings a whole new Bengals team to the forefront and we are nothing short of excited!

The Cincinnati Bengals went into this season as the underdog, but back in August, Bengals tight end C.J. Uzomah defined the Bengals season with the statement, “Why not us?”.  Joe Burrow followed that up with, "I think people really underestimate the power of just wanting to do it, and hard work, and competitive spirit, and preparation."

The Bengals are giving the city hope and light in what have been some dark days. As this feeling takes me back to the last time they were at the Super Bowl in 1988, my family has brought out the long tucked-away Super Bowl football.  Data Path would like to give a huge Who Dey cheer to the 2021 - 2022 Bengals! Lets add another football to our collection!  

- Megan

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