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Data Path Inc

DPC8100i3 Data Path, inc custom PC - Refurbished

DPC8100i3 Data Path, inc custom PC - Refurbished

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DPC8100i3 Data Path, inc custom PC - Refurbished.

Ultra-reliable, these PC's are designed for years of trouble-free service with industry standard parts sourced for reliability over cost.    With a reported 4% 3yr failure rate we can stand by these PCs as a low cost, trouble free unit.  Based on the Intel 8th gen platform the performance is good for normal office usage.  This PC has ample cooling, and with a generous 16GB of RAM and a 500GB M.2 NVMe SSD drive offers fast boot up times and generally feels fast to the user. These have a no-fuss Intel retail box Core i3 8100 CPU with Intel's stock cooling solution.  With a MicroATX form factor the chassis offers a decent trade off for size vs upgradeability. For expansion they have USB 3.1 on the front panel as well as back panel.  This PC will support Dual Monitors with VGA,DVI, and HDMI display interfaces. 4k support is also included.  The motherboard is part of the Gigabyte Ultra-Durable line up that holds up to demanding usage. Microsoft Windows 10 PRO 64bit is included and installed.  Windows 10 media not included.   PC will arrive with a fresh OS installation with drivers loaded.

  • Intel Core i3 1800 CPU
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM
  • 500GB NVMe M.2 SSD
  • 350w M-ATX Chassis
  • 1yr parts warranty
  • Windows 10 PRO 64bit OS installed
  • Lenovo 4X30L79883 wired keyboard and mouse Included

These PCs are customer trade-ins that are all in guaranteed working order.   We pick the cosmetically best available and part-out the others. 



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